What are the steps of the service process?

The process goes in the 6 steps below:
1-Once you choose the item from the website you trust, please contact us by opening a new ticket. If you are a new member choose the new members department. Otherwise, choose services deparment .
2-You’ll receive an email with detailed information on how to make the payment.
3-After we receive the payment, we will then purchase your item.
4-We will wait till your seller ships your item to our location in the US. And once we receive it, we’ll notify you.
5-Once you decide to ship your item/items, we will then proceed with the shipping process to Yemen.
6-Once our agents in Yemen receive the item, they’ll call you and arrange a delivery.

Do you accept all sites and sellers?

Yes, we do. With us you can buy from almost any seller or site you want as long as you take full responsibility for your choice.

What is going to happen if the seller was a fraud?

We have managed to solve all fraud cases in our favor for the past year. We want you to know that we’ll try to sort things out and fix any problem as soon and as much as possible. In most cases it takes up to 45 days to close a case. But we will ask you to give us 90 days to make sure we do our best. You also have to know that we won’t take any responsibility for a fraud seller, but we will ,for sure, do our best to get your money back ,if possible, but that always depends on your seller’s site policy.

If an accident/something bad happened to the item, will I be informed?

In a case of a fraud, we will provide you with the instant information regarding the situation. In almost all accidents that may occur, we will also notify you instantly and do our best to explain everything.

What exactly are the situations Shop2Receive will take responsibility for?

From the moment we receive your item in our location in the US, we are fully responsible to deliver it the way we received it. We’ll do our best to get everything insured for you.

What exactly are the situations Shop2Receive won't take responsibility for?

1-The shopping sites and the sellers’ credibility.
2-Items weren’t as described on your shopping website page.
3-Shopping sites’ or sellers’ fraud cases, whatever the kind is, from fake sellers to any false described products.
4-Items weren’t like expected.
5-Product returns or RMA

What is Shop2Receive all about?

1-Helping you shop from US sites.
2-Making sure your chosen vendor gets paid.
3-Having your items shipped from the US and delivered to you in Yemen for reasonable prices.
4-Providing shopping, shipping and delivery services.
5-Giving you the chance to experience shopping online.