Terms and Conditions

1-Taxes, duties, and customs clearance is the customer’s responsibility.
2-We provide carrier insurance for all items which is only affected after we receive the items in our location in the US.
3-In any case of lost or damaged items on arrival that was caused in the international shipping process, we will contact the carrier to issue the customer a full refund in 30-90 days.
4-We will do our best to solve any issue that may occur. But we reserve the right to refuse any dispute without explanation.
5-The delivery time is always estimated. We’ll do our best to deliver in time but we absolutely refuse to provide any kind of guarantee regarding the delivery date.
6- Taxes can be avoided by declaring lower costs for the products. As doing this is possible, it will void the insurance, if requested. Please note that if you choose to void the insurance, your items can’t be recovered if damaged or lost.
7-This contract is above any other forms of contracts. We are only responsible for what this contract contains.
8-If anything that concerns the customer and is not in this contract, a discussion can be made and added to this contract for some cases.

Download full contract :